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In the past, personal meetings were the only way how to run business. Today, however, time is a precious commodity and it may not make any sense to fly to the opposite part of the world, if you can handle the same issues online. E-mails might not be the best solution though. More and more companies are exploring advantages of videoconferences and build their own videoconference rooms with professional equipment.

We are able to give advice, analyse your needs and deliver tailor-made devices for your company. Our priority is not only to reach quality transmission of images or sound, but also to ensure your communication is not misused.

If you find unnecessary to phone via classic telephone lines and to pay a lot for telecommunications services in your company, we have another solution for you. VoIP is a technology which transfers voice via Internet, enabling you to have free calls within the internal network. One of the advantages of this solution is the possibility to create a switchboard, including distribution for individual departments. The CoIP also enables to record and save calls and provides many other functions you would hardly find using a classic telephone line. At the same time, this way of making telephone calls is more secure, as all data are transferred within your internal network and do not have to leave the servers. We provide exclusively professional devices, because this is the only way how we can ensure perfect functionality.

Why to choose us?


We have been on the market since 2008 and our credibility can be approved by partnership with prominent companies in the field of IT and mostly by lots of satisfied customers who use our services. We are not freshmen. Our team knows what your IT infrastructure needs and we will be happy to provide it to you. Our quality is also reflected in certification of the management systems according to the ISO 9 001 standard.

Professional attitude

Your data should not be protected by inexperienced people. Therefore, ask for a professional partner. Our rich experience is attested by trainings which our employees attend on a regular basis so that they can give you adequate advice and ensure fluent running of your infrastructure. We are owners of the 27 001 certification, which means your data are secured.


We do not offer you unnecessary solution just to earn money at your expense. Our purpose is not to impose a robust solution you will be using at the minimum level. However, this does not mean we do not take structure design seriously. We also consider possible plans of your company’s development. Your satisfaction and data security are our main priority.


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